Our Library

The Crawford Library is accessed via Morgan Hall. The books of the library are arranged on the shelves in alphabetical order according to the main 23 divisions listed in the Library Inventory Folder. Some of the divisions are: Bible Reference, Christian Life, Church History, Fiction, Poetry, Prayer and Devotion. Browse through the various divisions and find the book which interests you.

Adult Education Classes

We are committed to serving God with our hearts, souls, and minds. Regular adult education follows worship and fellowship most Sundays from 11am to 12pm. These classes offer opportunities to deepen our understanding of faith and to learn how faith can address the practical concerns in our personal lives and the current issues facing our society. We hope you’ll join us!

Our weekly email updates provide information on the current adult education class topic, with the Adult Education announcement portion posted here as well. You can subscribe to our email list here.

To join our Adult Ed session by Zoom:

  • enter the Meeting ID ( 856 8137 7977 ) and Passcode ( 341158 ) in the Zoom Client or
  • click this link and allow your web browser to open the Zoom client.

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Adult Education – May 5, 2024 “The Historical Jesus-Sources and Problems”

The New Testament lesson today is “The Historical Jesus-Sources and Problems,” with Prof. Bart Ehrman. Ehrman asks “Given that different Gospels portray Jesus differently…how can we see what the man was really like?” Come join us for these fascinating lectures, and bring your questions! We meet at 11:00 on Sunday after coffee hour in the Window…

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Adult Education – April 28, 2024 “Noncanonical Gospels”

Please join us for Prof. Bart Ehrman’s lecture on the “Noncanonical Gospels”–books about Jesus that did not make it into the New Testament, but that are important to N.T. scholars. We meet at 11:00 on Sunday after coffee hour in the Window Room.   Zoom Meeting ID: 856 8137 7977 Passcode: 341158

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Adult Education – March 24, 2024 – Reducing Plastics Round Table

Come share all of your favorite tips and tricks for reducing plastic use. We have plenty of ways to make this challenge fun and easy. We’ll share the hacks, products and strategies that help us care for God’s beautiful creation. Leave prepared to make a difference!     Zoom Meeting ID: 856 8137 7977 Passcode:…

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