Church Calendar

Most of our events are published to our google calendar below. If you use google calendar you can add our calendar to your google account by clicking the “+GoogleCalendar” icon in the bottom right of the calendar display.



Adult Education & Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour and Adult Education follow our Sunday Services most weeks. Please visit our Adult Ed page for information on our current programs.

Circles & Groups

We have several groups that meet around various interests including Bible Study, Book Clubs, Quilting and Water Color Painting.  Please contact our office for more information.


We highly value Mission and Outreach in the Community. You can read more about our program on the Mission page.


Today, the More Mesa Children’s Center (MMCC) operates a preschool on the St. Andrew’s campus. For more information please contact, or call 805-967-8013 or 805-705-4764. The St. Andrew’s Preschool operated from 1967 to 2023 as a parent cooperative, promoting Christian nurture for children and families alike.