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News from St. Andrews -- May 6, 2020

Greetings, St. Andrews Extended Community!

Congregational News

Dear Congregation:

In today’s message, you’ll find Ann Paden-Rubin’s weekly update from the amazing “Feeding Our Neighbors” program and a call for volunteers this week.

Michelle Hertig has an update from the Pastoral Nominating Committee as they continue in their search in the midst of the pandemic.

You’ll also see the obituary from the Independent for Kathy Becker Blanton, who had been involved at St. Andrew’s.

I want to express gratitude once again to Chris and Erin for the music we enjoyed this past Sunday, Janet Ewart for joining me in worship, and Scott for his continued artistry in editing our worship video.

Once again, it was a delight to see people via Zoom at both the Sunday coffee hour and the adult study. We’ll be having coffee hour again this Sunday; in the study group’s discussion about scheduling it was noted that it usually wouldn’t meet on Mother’s Day, but as one person put it, “We aren’t going anywhere this Sunday.”  So, the study group will be meeting at its regular time, with a theme to be announced in our weekend email.

This coming Sunday is Mother’s Day, and our service will feature some special elements to recognize that.

As we navigate our boats through this storm, may we continue to do those things that glorify God.

-- Steve

Remembering Kathy Becker Blanton

Kathy Becker Blanton passed away peacefully on 4/24/20 at 2:03 pm in her home surrounded by her loving family: Andy and Cathy Blanton of Laguna Beach, Layne and Barbara Wheeler of Santa Barbara, and Rodney and Julie Blanton of Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Known as “Honey “to her 9 grandchildren: Donald and wife, Kelly, Kate and husband, Daniel, Benjamin, Emily, Anne, Jessica, Charlie and wife, Stephanie, Rachel and husband, Tommy, and Tyler, and her 5 great-grandchildren: Nathan, Connor, Emmett, Millie and Lucy.

“Honey” will be forever fondly remembered for her red lipstick, celebrating all occasions, circumnavigating the globe: 1977-1983, owning the restaurant, Judge for Yourself: 1986-1996, and being a housemother for UCSB Kappa Alpha Theta: 1995-2014. She will be dearly missed and remain in our hearts for eternity!

PNC Update

Michelle Hertig, Co-Chair:

The Pastor Nominating Committee has been reviewing a lot of submissions. We are really pleased to get to know so many wonderful people in the nation who are serving God and their congregations at this time. Luckily Zoom and You Tube have made it possible to “see” pastors in their native habitats. We get a good feel for how they have adapted to this crisis and the new technology needed to communicate in these unusual circumstances. We have begun the process of planning for Zoom interviews to get a better feeling for the candidates. We ask that the St. Andrew’s congregation prays for these ministers to help them separate the call and desire to move to a new church from the fear of the pandemic. We all need faith that God will see us through. Pray for the PNC, too, as we try to manage the technology. We are not all IT wizards. –

SAIL - Feeding Our Neighbors Program

A Report from Ann Padden-Rubin

Last week Session approved a motion from the SAIL committee to support a temporary effort to provide nourishing food to families in our community who have been hard-hit by the job losses during the Covid-19 pandemic. The plan is to order food at the lowest possible cost from Jordano's and local supermarkets and then distribute the groceries to the families that come during the appointed time. Our goal is to prepare a minimum of 250 complete boxes of groceries, including fresh produce, beans, rice, eggs, and chicken. 

On Wednesday, ten volunteers came to Morgan Hall to re-package 1,400 pounds of rice and beans into smaller bags. On Friday, 54 volunteers came to St. Andrew's and worked for 7 hours to organize stations where cars could drive by and collect their food in a contact-less delivery system. The distribution hours were 2:00-4:00, but by 1:15 there were already cars lining up. This goes to show how great the need is right now for us to feed our neighbors. It was unbelievably rewarding to see the joy on so many faces as we handed them enough food to feed their families for a week.

Dana Monk, one of the organizers of "Feeding Our Neighbors," kept track of how many families received groceries. All told, 307 families received food! That's over 1,500 hungry people!

SAIL is planning to distribute more food boxes this Friday, May 8. All volunteers welcome!  Wednesday, May 6, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm we will be packing rice and beans in Morgan Hall. On Friday, May 8, we will be working from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm to package groceries, set up tables and canopies, direct traffic, distribute food, and clean up.  We provide gloves, hand sanitizer, hand soap, and drinks & snacks. Please bring a mask.  Many hands make light work, please join us!

For inquiries about volunteering, contact Dana Monk at 805-705-6929.

For more information about the Feeding Our Neighbors program, please contact Ann Padden-Rubin at 617-792-4412 (M) or 805-682-7891 (H).

We are very grateful to last week's volunteers from St. Andrew's!

Bob & Carle Shapiro
Nancy & John Doner
Robin Knauss and David Loeppke
Maggie Knauss
Diane & Abby Webber
Lydia Swanson & Luis Moreno
Linda Sorensen
Pam Polan
James Gilmore
Ariel Bowers
Nina Chamberlain
Karen Noffz
Suzanne Malloy
Judith Muller
Marie Henderson
James Padden-Rubin
Susan Zink
Paul Zink, Jr.
Bobbie Rubin
Larry Durlach
Janet Ewart

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