St. Andrews Food Distribution Needs Your Help - May 1, 2020

Keeping You Informed About What We Are Doing

Hopefully you had a chance to read this morning's weekly update email.  It highlighted a program hosted by SAIL that divides bulk food quantities into "family" size portions and distributes to needy families during this critical pandemic time.  Our community, unfortunately, has many families suffering unemployment, financial difficulties, and the subsequent inability to obtain nutritious meals despite the best efforts of our local, non-profit feeding programs.  St. Andrew's has stepped up to meet this injustice.

The SAIL Team is diligently defining a formal program of outreach to meet this need.  However, time is of the essence, and while that formality is being finalized, we are continuing our operations this week.

The food packing and distribution take place from Morgan Hall on the St. Andrew's campus.  It takes many people to make this operation a success.  There are jobs for everyone (standing, sitting, greeting, directing traffic... just about any capability is useful).  We plan on preparing over 200 boxes of food for distribution and getting them in the hands of needy families in one day.

CAN YOU HELP?  We will be working this coming Friday, May 1, in Morgan Hall.  Personal Protective Equipment will be available, and Social Distancing will be enforced.  Hours of operation for sorting, packing, and (in the mid afternoon)  providing to families are from 10:00am - 5:00pm.  Please join us anytime during that period.  If you can help please contact Dana Monk (805-705-6929), Ann Padden-Rubin (805-682-7891) or Linda Sorensen (805-886-3470).

Enjoy the fellowship of volunteering and the blessedness of helping the needy!

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