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News from St. Andrews -- April 22, 2020

Greetings, St. Andrews Extended Community:

Congregational News

I’m grateful we can be staying in touch this way. Here are some news items and a personal story from Dayle and Bob RInker.

  • Thank you to Shelby Malengo for being the Scripture reader this past Sunday.
  • If you would like to be a reader in the weeks ahead, please let Nancy or me know. I’ll send out the Scripture passage by Wednesday, and your job is to record yourself reading it, then send the completed video back to Scott. All you need is a Smartphone, tablet, or computer with a camera that can record. Also, if anyone wants to create and record the congregational prayer for the week, let me know as well.
  • We had another enjoyable “Zoom coffee hour” this past Sunday, as well as an engaging adult education session. I’m suggesting we do the coffee hour again this Sunday from 10:30 to 11:00 and adult education 11-12. Links will be included in the worship email. (I do regret not everyone is able to be part of this due to technological limitations.)
  • Merlyn reports new, bright exterior LED lights are now installed on the exterior wall of Morgan Hall that will go on at dusk and off at sunrise. Areas that were in shadows and darkness before are now illuminated and much safer. The request came to Merlyn “Let there be light, and there was light.” And it is good. Also, the cumbersome heavy wooden panels for the sound and projection booth have been removed and replaced with well-made roll-up doors. This will be much safer and easier to use than what we had before.
  • Chris and Erin recorded another ten hymns this past weekend we will be using in the weeks ahead, and Chris has recorded more solo music for us to be using. Thank you, Chris and Erin. If you’d like to hear some of their new recordings, you can find two of them at these links:
    Be Not Afraid
    Sheep May Safely Graze - Bach
  • Finally, last week I invited anyone to share a story about an experience of enduring a challenging time. Dayle Rinker sent in a childhood memory from her life on the family farm, which I’ve included below. Collectively, all of us have been through many things and it instructs and strengthens us to hear these stories. Thank you, Dayle! If you have a story to share, please send it to me.

Blessings on your week,

Steve --

Dayle Rinker’s Memory and Lessons She’s Learned

Dayle’s Memory:

When I was a kid, I lived on a 75-acre farm on the California side on the border of Oregon. We had gravel roads to our farms. One winter was very hard with tons of snow. We were unable to travel the roads because of the tire trenches driving that formed when they thawed. School buses couldn’t pick children for school -- plus there was a spreading of chicken pox which I caught. My Dad had to walk over 5 miles to one small town to get the groceries we needed. Luckily, we had a dairy cow, many canned goods Mom had canned in the fall, and chickens for eggs. We had butchered a pig we raised and Dad smoked it to produce bacon and ham. Dad only needed to pick up flour, dried beans and other supplies we didn’t have on the farm.
My brother and his wife came down with food poisoning during this time. They just lived one farm away from us. They were so sick that my Dad had to take a tractor to pick the doctor up. My Mom and I walked to their house during the night with just a flashlight to guide us from falling in the trenches made by an earlier time which the vehicles had made. It was so cold the ground was stiff and was freezing if you stayed outside very long. My brother and his wife got better after the doctor’s treatment during that night. We were home bound for over a month until the weather cooperated and dried up enough for the roads to be leveled again.

(Dale goes on to tell a story from the Cave Fire, then says this:)

All these disasters have made us well aware that you need to keep supplies up for food and fuel etc... Know how to use up leftovers quickly, know how to work without electrical power, and how helpful our neighbors can be on our street. During this pandemic, we have learned what great neighbors are looking after us. We are now the oldest on this street. They drop off all kinds of surprises on our front door. Strawberries, toilet paper, paper towel rolls and masks or picking up groceries for us. When we open our front door, we often discover all kinds of helpful supplies we may not have. Also, it is great to have deliveries of groceries or prepared meals from our local grocery stores and restaurants. It is great to have FaceTime to talk and see our kids and grandkids. It is also helpful to be able to communicate with my flock plus join everyone in worship at St Andrews through our internet email. We have been well blessed in our community at this time. KINDNESS is the word that helps us through these very challenging times plus knowing that you can help your family through long distant communications.
I hope that others in our St Andrew’s community are experiencing such kindness that Bob and I have been blessed with.
Best regards to all our friends --Bob and Dayle Rinker

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