Midweek Update from St. Andrews -- April 15, 2020

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Congregational Update – April 15, 2020

Dear St. Andrews Community

Here’s our “news” for this week:

I am very grateful that we were able to “up our game” and work together to create the Maundy Thursday and Easter services.  Thank you to Michelle, Dana, Chris, Erin and Suzanne for doing your videos and to Ariel for organizing the lilies.  And a big thank you to Scott, who spent a lot of time editing and enhancing the raw material.  The Amish are famous for barn raising together...this is our virtual equivalent.

27 of you were able to participate in the “coffee hour” Sunday, 

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and it was life-affirming to see so many faces and hear familiar voices.  What a gift to have Elaine Grimmesey join us by phone from Mission Terrace!  Thanks to Scott for organizing and managing that time.  Let’s plan on another one this Sunday — an invitation with the link will come out as part of the worship email later this week.

For this Sunday’s message, I’m planning on sharing some of the spiritual lessons I discovered when I was Director at La Casa de Maria when it was damaged and eventually closed by the debris flow.  As part of that, I’ll be asking you to share what you’ve learned from living through similar challenges in your life.

While our sanctuary is quiet and empty, we are still paying the church and full-time preschool staff to support them and their families.  In addition we continue to donate to mission causes — in our local community and beyond —that are  already focused on helping a wide range of people in this crisis.  It’s inspiring to see how many of you are keeping our support constant in the last month....know that you can do so by mail or the new online donation option on our website.

I feel very blessed to see how everyone at St. Andrew’s is focused on helping one another through this crisis.  May we continue to seek God’s guidance and wisdom as we witness in word and deed to the Risen Christ.


Finally, Harriett Azlein shared the following poem her granddaughter wrote for Harriett's 98th birthday. It seems right for these challenging days.

Breathe in the aroma of a changing season,
The breeze is empty of fear, empty of uncertainty,
It is filled only with the flutter of orange wings,
The sweet nectar of a patient bloom,
The flash of iridescent feathers,
The glitter of green leaves after the storm,
The golden sun reaching, stretching to warm the shadows. 


How often we forget we are not the center,
That the energy of God's universe flows through us,
Just as it flows through the trees, the stream, the salmon, the rain,
the Earth itself.
Fear is nothing but a cold rock hurtling through time,
Let it burn up, let it fade into the Light.


Look to the blossoms,
Fearlessly bursting,
Look to the Earthworm,
Nurturing the soil,
Look to the heron
Content and still.
Look to where the water meets the painted sky.
There you will find the Truth.
And there you will be free.

Amber Knowles

· The next sermon and video: I am working on developing our next message, which we intend to send out Friday. In addition, Chris and Erin will be making videos of hymns we’ll include so you can sing along.

Blessings to you, your loved ones, our community, our world and all those on the front lines of dealing with this crisis.

-- Steve

If you have any questions, you can email me at pastor@standrewspcusa.org


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