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Wondering About Per Capita For 2020?

Scott says, "It's a bit confusing."

Per Capita – What’s That?

As Presbyterians we are a “connected” denomination... connected through our affiliation with Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly. Each of these councils approves its budgets and sets a per capita apportionment rate to cover its operational expenses. The per capita apportionments are forwarded from each congregation by paying the appropriate amounts to our Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly.

For the past several years the Presbytery has asked its congregations to pay a “Ministry Share,” rather than a “Per Capita” assessment for the Presbytery portion. St. Andrew’s Session decided during those years to contribute to Presbytery in an amount considerably less than Presbytery had requested. St. Andrew’s did, however, contribute to Synod and General Assembly the total amounts assessed based on our membership. Because of the reduced amount contributed to Presbytery, St. Andrew’s simply included that portion as a budget item and did not promote the Presbytery assessment as part of the “per capita” request to the congregation.

Beginning in 2020 Presbytery has decided to return to the conventional “Per Capita” approach. Therefore, in order to support the connected, organizational structure of the Presbyterian Church (USA) St. Andrew’s is now assessed directly for each level of church government. Our Session has agreed to comply with the total assessment. Therefore, for each member of our congregation St. Andrew’s will be paying as follows:

$8.95 – General Assembly portion (same as last year)

$2.85 – Synod portion (same as last year)

$57.00 – Presbytery portion (reduced from $70 requested last year)


Many of our members choose to make a special “Per Capita” offering to St. Andrew’s to support these assessments. These assessments work to our benefit as members of the Presbyterian Church (USA), but they do not directly impact the local and mission operations here at St. Andrew’s. If you wish to make a special donation to St. Andrew’s in support of these assessments, please use the special envelope provided with your envelope set or simply mark your donation “Per Capita.” You may make your Per Capita donation in any amount you feel appropriate.

I remain available to discuss this topic with you individually. Just give me a call.

Blessings & Stay Well,

Scott Eschbach

St Andrews Presbyterian Church

4575 Auhay Drive, Santa Barbara
CA 93110 United States


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