On March 17, the session had a "Zoom" meeting and made some important decisions involving our response to the current situation. View in browser
Important News From St. Andrews

Session Actions Taken March 17 in Response to Corona Virus

On March 17, the session had a "Zoom" meeting and made important decisions on how we are responding to the Corona Virus that affects everyone.  

If you have any questions, you can email me at pastor@standrewspcusa.org -- Steve.

How St. Andrews Is Responding to the COVID 19 Situation:

Summary of March 17 Session Meeting

Our March meeting used the online “Zoom” program so that elders could participate from home, rather than meeting in person.

  1. Agreed we will not expect to worship together for at least 60 days.
  2. Voted to continue to employing Nancy, the church secretary, and keeping regular church office hours (Tuesday – Thursday, 9-2).
  3. Voted to continue paying our musicians, Christopher Davis and Erin McKibben, during this time when there are no worship services.
  4. Voted to forgo rent for groups that rent space but are unable to meet at this time.
  5. Kirk Grier introduced a new email program which will make messages to the congregation much easier to create, send and monitor. We expect to use this often to keep everyone informed.
  6. Discussed how we can still “worship” and stay connected during this time. We considered live streaming a modified worship service but agreed a) at this point it would be a technical challenge and, b) if we did something with even just a few persons involved, it would be complicated given the recommended 10’ “social distancing. Instead, Steve will experiment with creating relatively brief video messages that people can access using a simple link on our weekly email to our website.
  7. Steve will work with the Deacons and others to coordinate care and support for individuals in our congregation, particularly those who live alone.
  8. As continued financial support of the church is critical to managing our situation, Scott will be creating a new, secure procedure for those who want to make donations online. People who prefer using the mail will be asked to do so by sending donations to the church office.
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