May 29, 2017

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We listen. We care.  We are stay in communication with our flocks, celebrating joys as well as providing support in distressing times. Deacons minister to those who are in need; to the sick, lonely,  and any who may be in distress.  Our aim is one of sympathy, witness, and service after the example of Jesus Christ, to demonstrate the Christian role of compassion within a congregation. 

FlocksWithin St. Andrews, the church is divided into groups or flocks. Deacons maintain contact with their flock by email, cards, phone calls and home visits; also, by visits to those who are in rehabilitation centers and home-bound by illness or great age. To find out who your deacon is, contact the Church Office at (805) 967-6327.

DutiesThe deacons assist the pastors in the preparation and service of Communion.  Deacons offer special support for Memorial Services by providing floral arrangements and by hosting a reception after the memorial service and providing food and beverages for the reception. 

Special Events, Special Programs Throughout the church year the deacons host several special events such as the annual Gathering of Flocks, Christmas and Easter Coffee Hours, the Prayer Chain.  Care Bag lunches are provided by Deacons for community homeless who seek assistance at the church office.  Helping Hands is a program coordinated by Deacons which matches what services members of the congregation can provide with the needs of congregation members who are aged or incapacitated --- such as trimming a bush, writing a letter, preparing a meal, changing a light bulb or other household and personal needs. Deacons provide the varied Care Notes for members to take home. These are contemporary booklets offering guidance and support for those who are hurting or perhaps dealing with intensely difficult emotional circumstances. There are Care Notes for all ages, all stages, all challenges of life.


Become Involved

If this is a type of ministry that interests you as a member of our congregation, we welcome your involvement. Contact the pastor to discuss becoming a deacon.  A deacon’s term is for three years.

Deacons rely on the Deacon Fund to carry them through the call to service; donations are always appreciated and special envelopes for Deacon Fund Donations are located in the church Narthex (lobby).


List of Deacons


Pam Polan & Dana Monk, Co-Moderators

Berna Sutter, Vice Moderator


Class of 2015

Doris Caswell

Barbara Hughes

Dana Monk

Berna Sutter


Class of 2016


Nina Chamberlain

Ann Padden-Rubin

Dayle Rinker

Paul Zink


Class of 2017


David Bohn

Barbara Hoffman

Carol Lefley

Pam Polan